Dimitris Gerardis

director / editor


Born in Athens in 1968.
From 1986 to 1989 he studied Film Direction at Stavrakos Film School of Athens.

Between 1991 and 1994 he has worked as Assistant Sound engineer, Production Assistant and Assistant Director on various telefilms and Greek TV series.
Since 1995 he has been directing and editing for National TV Networks (Skai, Alpha, Alter, Mega, Ert).

From 2005 to 2012, he has been director of ''War Zone'' Documentary series, broadcasted by Mega Channel.

Apple Certified Trainer (Final Cut Pro 7, Final Cut Pro X).

SAE Athens Institute, BA/BSc (Hons) Digital Film Production Lecturer.

Two collections of his photographs, entitled 'Churches in Constantinople- Istanbul'(1999) and 'Constantinople' (2005) have been published.

  1. “Shadows of Dreams”, (2018, Nikolaos Ghinis), HD, 80', “20th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival”, Official Selection
  2. “Hush” 2012, Dimitris Gerardis, 15min, 35th Drama Short Film Festival, ''18th Athens International Film Festival’’, 3rd Athens International Digital Film Festival (Cinematography Award)
  3. “Kanun” 2009, Mega Channel, 44min, 22nd FIPA
  4. “Two Names For One Dictatorship” 2008, Mega Channel, 62min, ''10th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival''
  5. “Red World” 2007, Mega Channel, 72min, ''9th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival''
  6. “Oogruk means oil” 2007, Mega Channel, 63min, ''13th Athens International Film Festival''
  7. “Running Away” 2006, s16mm, 18min, (State Award), 29th Drama Short Film Festival, 21st Braunschweig International Film Festival, 19th Istanbul International Short Film Festival

Work Experience

as Director

MEGA channel (TV broadcasting, 2005-2012):

“War Zone” documentary series 

ALTER channel (2001-2004) (TV broadcasting):

TV series

Trailer Department

OB van

ALPHA channel (2001-2004) (TV broadcasting):

TV series

as Photographer

“Constantinople’’ (Technikes ekdoseis, 2005)

“'Churches in Constantinople- Istanbul’’ (Kastaniotis Editions, 1999)

Photography group exhibition, PHOTOVISION 1995, Volos, Greece

Linhof large format workshop (4×5), 1992

as Lecturer

2011 - to date:  “Bachelor in Digital Film Production”, SAE ATHENS

2012 - to date:  Final Cut Pro X  Apple Certified trainer - HAU

as Editor


“Shadows of Dreams”, 80', 2018

“A Tale of Two Isles”, 79’, Greece 2013, Michalis Stavropoulos

“The Void: The Musical Case of Katerina Petrakou”, 19’, Greece 2013, Dimitris Papoulias

TV series 2006 - to date

"Slam", “Chef on Air”,

 “9 mines”, “Prosopika”,

“Nostimi Gi”“Hounda einai. Tha perasei”, 

“Apo Petra kai Hrono”, “Vivlia sto koyti”

"Shadows of Dreams"

“Shadows Of Dreams” focuses on how people can have a totally different perception of time. People, whose profession relies on beating the limits of time and how they face those limits in their life.

A professional dancer and new mother, in a foreign country, while approaching her mental and physical maturity. A young lighthouse keeper, facing how loneliness can be. And an older one, living with the memories of the past and looking at his future. An experienced and passionate Finnish running the “Spartathlon”, one of the world’s toughest ultra-marathons. How does he feel when he realizes, that he won’t make it to the finish line? Is it like a wild animal, chasing you?

In the stories of those people, time is part of their existence, it formulates their desires, goals, limits. They all realize how time can float, be slow or crucial to their professional obligations; and at the same time, how different it can be when it comes to their personal lives.

"Running Away"

We observe the final days of a love story between two young people in a country town. They meet in deserted carriages and in fields outside the factories. The boy tries to talk her into going to Athens with him.


There's no escape from memory. An apology does not always suffice. Perhaps it's there, at the very end, that the wrench begins to fade and redemption follows...




Email: d_gerardis@yahoo.gr  
Phone: +0030 6974116957